CST is a gentle modality that supports the body in releasing restrictions that affect the CranioSacral system. This requires a very light touch. This modality effects the nervous system and can be very deep work, but not deep pressure. Our bodies have an innate wisdom & wisely will guard against being forced. In every session, but especially in CranioSacral work, I am merely facilitating. During a treatment, I am tuning in to feel where things are out of alignment and giving gentle nudges, asking your body to do the work it knows how to do. This gentle approach also trusts that your body only takes on healing it’s ready for.

Lastly, a BioMat session (which is a treatment on its own), is part of your experience. The BioMat is a full body far-infrared mat. It decreases inflammation, allows deeper work without trauma, assists the lymphatic & circulatory system. It also facilitates deep relaxation & shortens recovery time.